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At K Bassam Jewellers we offer a scrap metal service. We consistently offer competitive prices for all types of precious metals and diamonds.We buy scrap gold and silver with or without hallmarks, coins, jewellery, silverware, watch casings and broken items, if it has precious metal content we will buy it!

Scrap metal is valued depending on its carat and weight. Gold is a very soft metal it usually has other metals added to it to increase strength and durability. The higher the carat rating, the lower the quantity of added metals, and the purer the gold – 24ct is pure gold.

When you sell your metal to us, we test it in store right away and pay you today’s price according to the carat and metal weight.

Cash in on some of that old jewellery that’s been stored away and turn it into quick cash or put it towards a new item. W e can even design and create a beautiful new piece of jewellery using your existing metal. The perfect solution for recycling old sentimental jewellery which cannot be worn anymore or doesn’t fit.

If you have a large amount of scrap silver or gold we offer a melt and assay service, ideal for turning your metal into a long-term investment.